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Globe Tattoo SuperStick - 3MBPS on a Stick!

Tattoo Broadband announces Tattoo SuperStick, the fastest Internet stick that gives you online speed of up to 3 mbps.

Tattoo SuperStick is the most powerful stick to date, with speeds of up to 3.0 mbps

This all-in-one wireless modem/router can be shared by up to five people or gadgets within a 100-meter radius.

Much more than just a pocket-sized WiFi hotspot, the Tattoo SuperStick comes with free McAfee antivirus protection for one month and 200 free texts every month to Globe and TM. Yours for only PHP 1,299/month.

Tattoo Superstick is the latest offering in Globe broadband products, like the portable WiFi hotpot Tattoo MyFi, the USB-style Tattoo Stick, the speedy reliable home internet of Tattoo Wimax, and the lightning-fast Tattoo Torque, which powers homes with speeds of up to 100 mbps and truly brings the internet to life.

To know more about Tattoo Broadband, visit any Globe store, call 730-1000 or go to


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