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He Said -> 10 Worst Things You Can Do To A Guy

Model Brent Javier tells you what not to do in a relationship. Listen or else...

As told to Nana Caragay, Chalk Magazine

1. Cheat on us
"It's disrectful. Not to be honest enough to just tell us that you want to see other people, and to do it behind our back...You're letting us know what you really think of us. It would just make us feel suspicious of the whole relationship."

2. Check up on us every 5 minutes
"It's your way of letting us know that you don't trust us, or that you're actually smothering and clingy. Either way, it's not good. And it's really annoying."

3. Lie to us
"You need honesty in any relationship. And not just with your boyfriend, even with your friends or whoever."

4. Be jealous of our girl friends
"You have to understand we'll have friends who just happen to be girls, whom we've known even before we got into a relationship. It's not fair if you make us choose. If I had to choose I would probably still choose my girl friend, but I would end up resenting her as a result. It could lead to a breakup, and then I would just hang out with those girls she got jealous of in the first place."

5. Make us feel guilty for hanging out with our friends
"We have to have time to bond with our friends, even if it's just playing video games. We do some things that girls just aren't involved in. I know someone whose girlfriend won't even let him play basketball, I mean, that's just basketball! You shouldn't have to question that, otherwise you'll just end up doing number two--calling us every five minutes."

6. Slap us in public
"It happened to me once--we were arguing, and I tried to be mild-mannered about it. But I think I just couldn't believe it had actually happened. It actually says a lot about you. Why would you do something like that? I don't think either the guy or the girl should get physically violent. You don't want us to punch you in public, do you?"

7. Take us for granted
"In the beginning you just really appreciate everything, but as the relationship goes on, to some extent you tend you take each other for granted. And no matter how hard we try to please you, it's either you way or the highway. We soon realize it's not good for either of us."

8. Be too dependent on us
"Unless you are completely engulfed in each other's worlds, you should have you own life, your own friends. We should have that time together, but you should still have your own space to hang out - with your friends or by yourself."

9. Spend all our money
"You have to know that our money is not infinite. As much as we can, we'll pay for everything, but we can't always afford expensive stuff or nice restaurants. When it comes to gifts, as long as there's the thought, you should appreciate it. It would also be nice if you offer to pay for a meal sometimes, instead of expecting us to pay all the time."

10. Try to make us jealous
"It's not just going to work. It would just probably backfire - if we think you're doing something, we might just end up cheating on you too. Don't give us the wrong impression; and don't do it unless you want us to do it on you."