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Signs That You've Checked Into A Really Bad Hotel

Tim Tayag presents the Top 20 telltale signs that you've checked into the room from hell.

1. The cab driver stifles a laugh when you mention the name of your hotel. When you asked him what's so funny, he just replies "Good luck!"

2. The hotel's name has the word 'eatery' in it.

3. Outside the lobby, sketchy fellows sell fake signature watches, brand name bags, and child labor.

4. Escort service greets you before the bellhop does.

5. There's hair in the sink and it's not yours.

6. The receptionist asks: "Do you want a bathroom in your room or are you going communal?"

7. The bellhop ask for a tip and doesn't take cash, only food.

8. The walls in the hallway are bleeding.

9. When you open the door to your room, a rat comes out. In disgust, he says "Don't go in there!"

10. The cockroaches on the floor have died of natural causes and their mouths are open like in the movie Scream.

11. There are toenail clippings on the floor.

12. The room temperature control just has 'on' and 'off'.

13. A chalk outline of a body is on your bed.

14. There's no room service, just the numbers of fastfood deliveries you've never heard of.

15. You call reception for extra pillows and an irate voice tells you to: "Get them yourself!"

16. When checking out, you get frisked and your luggage is searched by a canine.

17. The bathroom tiles are blacker then night and it seems like they're moving.

18. The receptionist has only one eye and brags: "We've been featured in A Haunting on the Discovery Channel!"

19. You have to wear flip-flops to take a shower.

20. The toilet doesn't have a lever for flushing just a bucket.

Source: Smile Cebupacific


Anonymous at: February 26, 2008 at 12:13 AM said...

thank you for this one. lolz!