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Panagbenga 2012 - Baguio Flower Festival Schedule of Activities and Events

Panagbenga 2012 - Baguio Flower Festival Schedule of Activities and Events

Here is the schedule of activities and events of the 17th Baguio Flower Festival or the Panagbenga Festival 2012 in Baguio City:

Panagbenga Opening Parade – February 1, 2012

Market Encounter – February 1 – March 4, 2012

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom – February 11, 2012

Handog ng Panagbenga sa Baguio – February 12, 2012

Fluvial Float Parade – February 12, 2012

Ipitik Festival – February 19 – 26, 2012

Grand Street Dancing Parade – February 25, 2012

Grand Float Parade – February 26, 2012

Session Road in Bloom – February 27 To March 4, 2012

Pony Boy’s Day – March 2, 2012

Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display – March 4, 2012

Showbiz Inside Report Premieres This Saturday on ABS-CBN

Showbiz Inside Report Premieres This Saturday on ABS-CBN

A new Kapamilya showbiz-oriented talkshow premieres this Saturday giving viewers an in-depth look at personality behind every showbiz story…

ABS-CBN levels up the TV viewers’ weekend showbiz experience with the launch of its newest showbiz-oriented talkshow titled, “Showbiz Inside Report (S.I.R.)” this Saturday, February 4, featuring a fresh combination of empowered hosts including original Kapamilya star Carmina Villaroel, muti-awarded TV host-actress Janice de Belen, actor-politician Joey Marquez, and ‘blind item’ king Ogie Diaz.

“S.I.R.” takes an in-depth look on the news and the people behind some of the most talked issues in show business. Carmina shared, “I’m excited with our show because it gives me the opportunity to get to know the Kapamilya stars much better.” Janice added, “We will discover the real happening behind every story.”

Meanwhile, Joey stressed that viewers must watch out on the hosts’ varying perspectives. He said, “I want to learn from my co-hosts’ thoughts. And since we have different personalities, I’m curious to hear their own opinions about the issues we are presenting.”

Ogie is also looking forward to their show’s no-holds-barred discussions. “We are open to each other’s playful banters, but at the end of the day it’s like a conversation among friends.”

With the exciting set of some of the country’s seasoned hosts, expect for a funfilled highly opinionated “S.I.R.”–with the ever curious and bubbly Janice; Janice, who just like a real sister, will be the guests’ trusted confidante; Joey, meanwhile, will balance out the discussions as he bring up the male perspective amid the issues; and Ogie will surely tickle the viewers’ imagination with his freshest ‘insider’ scoops.

Don’t miss the newest showbiz-oriented talkshow of ABS-CBN, “Showbiz Inside Report,” coming this February 4, Saturday, after “Happy Yippee Yehey.” For more updates log on to, follow @ShowbizInsideTV on Twitter, and ‘like’ on Facebook.

‘Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace’ in 3D Screens on February 9

‘Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace’ in 3D Screens on February 9

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…Twenty-two years ago, these words first flashed across movie theater screens around the world, and a modern legend was born.

Hundreds of millions of people would be introduced to a saga that would touch their lives in ways then unimaginable. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and the Special Editions of all three films, became defining events for two generations. The fast-paced action adventures, set in a new and exciting universe, featured grand design and boundless fun. The films inspired countless of viewers with themes that are universal and timeless: the conflict between good and evil and between technology and humanity, the celebration of heroism, and the limitless potential of the individual.

The Star Wars saga is a modern-day fairy tale reflecting the vision of George Lucas. Lucas imbued this new myth with pieces of American pop culture, including movie westerns, swashbucklers and – for seasoning – Japanese samurai epics. Star Wars was also a reaction against Watergate, Vietnam and other periods of domestic turmoil that seemed to undermine the concept of the hero for disillusioned Americans.

With the Star Wars saga, Lucas decided to bring together these recognizable, modern-day threads under the umbrella of the basic mythic structure – the journey of the hero – that has been in place for thousands of years, in hundreds of civilizations. With its mix of the traditional and the modern, Star Wars’ new mythology thrilled young and old alike.

Now, with “Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace” converted into 3D, Lucas takes us back to the beginning, in which Darth Vader is a hopeful nine-year-old boy named Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi is a determined young Jedi knight. This first chapter, which is rich in art, design, costumes, architecture and technology, follows Anakin’s journey as he pursues his dreams and confronts his fears in the midst of a galaxy in turmoil.

George Lucas, the pioneering and brilliant filmmaker behind STAR WARS, has overseen the process with his renowned attention to detail. John Knoll, the visual effects supervisor for Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) was responsible for the actual conversion. He served as Visual Effects Supervisor on all three of the Star Wars prequels. The remaining five STAR WARS films will be converted to 3D over the coming years.

I’m really excited about the new big screen release of the film. We’ve worked very hard to get the best quality 3D we could. The big screen experience is so much better than watching it on television. It was designed to put you in the environment and surround you with the sound and the picture. There is nothing like it. I’m so glad that we were able to bring this whole experience to the next generation. This will be the third generation that will be able to see it on the big screen and when you’re young, it’s an overwhelming and powerful event,” Lucas shares on converting Episode 1 into 3D.

Lucas further shares on challenges faced on converting the movie to 3D – “Originally, I was not a big fan of 3D. I really thought 3D was a gimmick. Then later on I was trying to get digital projectors into the theaters. I was doing a presentation in Las Vegas. Bob Zemeckis and Jim Cameron came up to me and said: ‘We want to get 3D into the theaters. Would you join us in showing the theater owners that you can do 3D?’ And I said: ‘That’d be good because in order to do 3D you have to have digital theaters. So it would promote my idea of digital theaters.’ Then when I saw the test that we did of STAR WARS in 3D, I realized how great it was and how great it looked. I became fascinated with the idea of converting STAR WARS into 3D, which was easier said than done. It took us a long time to develop a structure in which we could actually do a really good conversion of a 2D film into a 3D film.”

I don’t like things coming out into the audience. I like everything to be behind the proscenium. I think 3D is an art. You need artists who have a sensibility about where things fit in the frame. It’s very subtle but it’s very, very important. We had an advantage because we had experts in visual effects like John Knoll. We had the skill set of ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) and people who had worked in 3D on films, including “Avatar.” So we could get a group of people together that could actually do this,” concludes Lucas.

“Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace” in 3D comes to theaters on February 9 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

7 Tips for Becoming a Better Boss

The number one reason people quit their job? "It all boils down to disrespect, towards them or their work," says HR manager/consultant Jennifer Joson-Virginio, who has stood guard at the employees' revolving door of publishing and IT companies for nearly a decade now.

It's unfortunate to have talent go to waste, only to see them excel elsewhere under better management. Want to know how to inspire loyalty, bring out the best, and maintain a good working relationship with your staff? Ms. Virginio gives us the top tips on being a great boss.

Walk the talk

Be the kind of boss that people aim to please and emulate, by leading by example, and exhibiting exactly the kind of behavior you expect from your own staff. "The best real-life boss I've ever come across with was the country head of one of the IT companies I joined. He walked his talk. His secret, I believe, is simply put in his own words … 'I don't shortchange my people.' To me those words are brilliant, genuine, and true," says Virginio.

"You can't—and should not aim to—please everyone, but you make them know that you think things through. By this principle, your demeanor and decisions are guided by truth, fairness, and respect. With these, people tend to just gravitate towards you … and as a bonus, do your 'bidding,' whether it be a request or a mandate."

Be fair but firm

Cultivate an open, honest, and fair environment where people can operate in mutual respect instead of fear. An employee's resentment can stem from not being heard out, being wrongly accused, or being punished much too harshly. It's important to lay down the law clearly, and when rules are broken, to judge the situation before meting out the appropriate, logical penalty.

Don't be a monster boss and fly into a rage at the slightest provocation; likewise, don't be a pushover and shirk from keeping your staff in line for fear that they'll no longer find you cool. Establish respect by being firm, fair, and yes, true to your word.

Keep the peace

Being a boss also means managing different personalities, and there are times you need to step in as a referee to keep the working environment harmonious and productive. When it comes to handling conflict between subordinates, Virginio suggests, "Always seek to resolve, and you can only do this when you are calm. Be fair and be patient.

Some tips: Before sitting them down, make sure you know the issue. Identify a root cause, and tell them about it (know that you may not always be right though, and if so, consult others). Make a plan of action (involve them when possible) and be extra firm, then check if it is being followed through."

Leadership is not a dictatorship

If you're wondering why the new recruits never survive your iron-fisted ways, perhaps it's time to update your management tactics. Says Virginio, "Autocracy is outdated. It is not only obsolete, I consider it obscene! The younger generation wants to be led towards a vision, and they are best steered by someone who can make them focus on what they can bring to the table, and make them feel that they actually did." Which leads us to…

Motivate, not humiliate

As important as it is for your staff to believe in you, you must also believe in them. Virginio attests, "By sincerely believing in your people, and being involved in their development, you bring out the best in them. Cheesy, but true." Being able to pinpoint your team's individual talents and orchestrating them efficiently under keen yet non-overbearing supervision can bring amazing, satisfying results. Publicly censuring them when they don't attain their goals is a sure-fire way to send any self-respecting employee packing.

Command respect

It's no longer a surprise to see women at the top of the corporate ladder, though even in this modern day and age, sexist stereotypes still prevail. Blow them out of the water by commanding respect right from the get-go! Since appearances are the first things people notice, dress the part—be smartly-groomed and sophisticated, but not too fussy. Invest in good skincare and fashion for an extra boost of confidence; after all, there's nothing quite as formidable as a stunning, successful woman.

Like A Boss

Brilliance alone doesn't make you boss material. For Virginio, it all boils down to integrity and good judgment. "A good boss should have the following qualities: 1. The ability to balance respect and goodwill with business. 2. A high sense of duty and regard for continuous improvement. 3. He/she should be a visionary or someone whom people can believe in. 4. Patience and persistence. As captain, you steer, and during a crisis, you are last to abandon ship."

Yes, that means getting down in the trenches with your staff during crunchtime—not texting your overtime commands from your seaside cabana. Virginio's professional advice to being a better boss? "First, lead because you believe you can all help to reach a common vision; then be kind, because you are sincere."

By Pierra Calasanz-Labrador for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Tom Hanks, The Perfect Dad in “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

Tom Hanks, The Perfect Dad in “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

Two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks stars as Thomas Schell, a devoted husband and father who was at the wrong place, at the wrong time during the fateful day of 9/11, in Warner Bros.' life-affirming drama, “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.”

The film is a story that unfolds from inside the young mind of Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn), an inventive eleven year-old New Yorker whose discovery of a key in his deceased father’s belongings sets him off on an urgent search across the city for the lock it will open. A year after his father died in the World Trade Center on what Oskar calls “The Worst Day,” he is determined to keep his vital connection to the man who playfully cajoled him into confronting his wildest fears.

As a screen character, Thomas Schell was a challenge because he is seen entirely through Oskar’s eyes, to the extent that much about his history and inner life remain mysterious - except for the parts that have made an impression on Oskar and especially Oskar’s memories of their very best times together, which remain indelibly immediate to him.

To embody the essence of a father as captured in time by his young son, director Stephen Daldry thought early on of Tom Hanks. “We thought that in terms of Oskar’s memories of Thomas as the perfect dad...well, who else could that be but Tom Hanks?” recalls Daldry. “Tom took that responsibility to heart and created a real bond with child actor Thomas Horn that was evident to everybody on the set. They were absolutely charming together, which was great for me as a filmmaker, because they created this dynamic relationship and all I had to do was shoot it. It was an act of real dedication by an extraordinary actor and collaborator.”

Hanks was drawn to the way the script gets inside Oskar’s mind at a time when the power of logical facts to keep him grounded seems to have evaporated. “In the blink of an eye, the course of Oskar’s whole world changes, and he loses his only anchor,” Hanks says. “His father used to tell him that there are always clues and treasures to be found in the world. So when he finds his father’s key, it’s very interesting that Oskar devises his own elaborate hunt for what the key might mean, convinced it will somehow explain the unexplained to him. It becomes a very personal, intimate story of a kid trying to make sense in his own way of a nonsensical world.”

He adds: “It was easiest thing in the world for me to want to do this – as soon as I read it, there was not even any question.”

The actor says he gave a lot of consideration to the kind of father Thomas was to Oskar prior to his death. He also kept in mind that Thomas was himself a child of immigrants who took up the trade of jewelry as his only clear opportunity to support his family, even though he dreamed of being a scientist. “I think Thomas was someone who felt the real task in his life was to make sure that his very bright son became a well-rounded, content human being who might make the world a better place,” Hanks says. “Since Thomas himself grew up without a father, fathering Oskar was the most important thing to him. I think he loved inventing wild stories for Oskar, like the one he makes up about New York’s lost Sixth Borough, but he also very clearly designed these stories to get Oskar out in the world and help him feel safe there.”

In part, Hanks drew on his own experiences as a father. “The emotional part of it for me was going back and remembering what it’s like to have an 11-year-old kid who is bubbling over with life,” he says.

While Hanks believes Thomas was well aware that Oskar often showed signs of behavior akin to Asperger’s Syndrome, he also says Thomas readily accepted and even related to many of his son’s oddities and phobias, which made the two of them even closer. “I think Thomas wasn’t bothered at all by his son’s behaviors,” he says. “Instead, he looked for ways to build bridges over Oskar’s turbulence, over his constant questions, his flights of fancy and his fears. Yet because of that, when he’s gone, it magnifies the incredible loss for Oskar even more.”

Opening soon across the Philippines, “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Pan Am, Top Chef 8, Necessary Roughness, Millionaire Matchmaker 4 on AXN Beyond this February

Pan Am, Top Chef 8, Necessary Roughness, Millionaire Matchmaker 4 on AXN Beyond this February

Careers take-off and fly high in AXN Beyond’s jam-packed line-up of new shows this February!

Feel the passion, adventure and espionage at 30,000 feet in PAN AM, a new drama series set in the 1960s, when Pan American World Airways led the energy and excitement of the Jet Age. In their individual quests for adventure, the “Pan Am” crew of pilots and stewardesses face both opportunity and peril, as they juggle their lives, loves, hopes and dreams while flying around the world to glamorous international cities like Paris, Berlin, Jakarta and Monte Carlo. Fasten your seat belts as the season premieres on February 11, 2012, airing every Saturday at 9:50 p.m., first and exclusively on AXN Beyond.

Join psychotherapist Dr. Dani Santino as she balances her workload and the new demands of single motherhood in the drama series NECESSARY ROUGHNESS. When Dani’s perfect world begins to unravel after her husband’s infidelity, she becomes the most sought-after therapist, with high-profile clients from athletes to entertainers and politicians clamoring for her unique brand of therapy. Watch Dani tackle all her and her patient’s issues beginning February 1, 2012, airing every Wednesday at 10:55 PM.

Patti Stranger is back as she moves her matchmaking service to New York City in MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER SEASON 4. This season, Patti uses a few new tricks including a spy camera, lie detector test and hiring a make-up specialist from Saturday Night Live. From Wall Street to beach bum, this season also introduces the most over-the-top and challenging millionaires yet including Judith Regan, editor, producer, publisher and TV and radio show host, Freddie Mitchell, ex-wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Albie and Chris Manzo, the sons of Caroline from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Watch Patti and her staff help their millionaire clients find love in the city that never sleeps beginning February 13, 2011, airing weeknights at 10:05 PM.

Meanwhile, a dream team of 18 past cheftestants are back and ready for redemption in TOP CHEF SEASON 8. This season, the Primetime Emmy Award-winning reality contest returns to New York City with host Padma Lakshmi and head judge chef Tom Colicchio, alongside judges Gail Simmons and new this season, best-selling author and chef, Anthony Bourdain. Don’t miss out on all the culinary action beginning February 29, 2012, airing weeknights at 10:05 PM.

Catch these all new programs and more on AXN Beyond this January: SkyCable (Channel 35), Dream Satellite (Channel 36) and Cignal Digital TV (Channel 37).

Denzel Washington Researching His Character in “Safehouse”

Denzel Washington Researching His Character in “Safehouse”

When casting Safe House, producer Scott Stuber and director Daniel Espinosa placed importance on avoiding tired tropes. Stuber explains the rationale: “Action without character is boring. The script read well because everything moves at a quick pace. Then, when you sit and get to know these people, there’s a real depth to them. We went after actors who could be in those moments and have the audience feel what these characters are feeling.”

As the producer and the director discussed their dream cast, Denzel Washington was brought up as their ideal Tobin Frost, the CIA’s most notorious traitor. The two invited Washington (then starring on Broadway in the play Fences) to discuss the proposition. Stuber recalls the meal: “At the end of lunch, Denzel stood up and said, ‘All right, we’re going to do this,’ and walked out. I thought, ‘What? Is he going to call his agent? Is it a done deal?’ I wanted to make sure, so I called Denzel’s agent and he said, ‘I just got off the phone with him. He’s doing the movie with you and Daniel.’ It was one of those rare, great moments in this business.”

Washington, who had a window in his schedule coinciding with preproduction, labored with the filmmakers to hone the project and the character of an operative who has spent the past nine years selling out the United States. The actor offers what attracted him to the role of a man wanted for espionage on four continents: “I got the chance to see Daniel’s film Snabba Cash, and it had a unique style and was a very different film. That made me very interested in him as a filmmaker. Scott, Daniel, David and I worked on developing the character. Safe House was an opportunity to revisit ways of working what I used to do. I invested heavily in the character and the story.”

As he prepared for the role, the performer went into full immersion mode. Washington says: “I didn’t want to do a lot of CIA research because Tobin Frost wasn’t CIA anymore. He hated everything about the CIA, and I wanted to discover his dark side. Scott gave me some great books to read, one of which was ‘The Sociopath Next Door,’ which became my bible that I would refer to in developing the character. I felt Tobin was a sociopath. When you think ‘sociopath,’ you think violence, and the majority of sociopaths aren’t violent but they want to win and manipulate. I thought he was a great liar, a great manipulator and perfect for the CIA.”

The filmmakers valued the actor’s work ethic on the project. Offers Espinosa: “Denzel is a master. He works harder than any actor I’ve ever met. When he decided to do the movie, he thoroughly researched and spent about a half a year studying his character before we even shot. When he got on set, no matter what the situation in front of him was, he reacted as the character that he was playing.

With Washington attached, the team began the search to find Matt Weston played by Ryan Reynolds, the man responsible for his house guest. For Espinosa, it is the contrast between and the evolution of Frost and Weston that distinguish the story. Notes the director: “Matt is a guy who has a lot of dreams. He believes that he can maintain a relationship with his girlfriend and have a somewhat normal life, while at the same time, coming closer to his goal of becoming a full-blown CIA case officer. He clings to the notion that you can be a strong, ethical, moral person while working in his chosen field. There is no gray area. Frost, however, is well beyond any such notion.

What attracted you to this film?
My late agent, Ed Limato, passed away last July and this was the last project that he wanted me to take a look at it. I just felt I should do it because I knew it was the last thing he wanted me to do.

Did you have a hand in developing the story?
Daniel Espinosa (director), Scott Stuber (producer), three different writers and I worked on the story for months. We wanted to keep going deeper, making more sense out it. I’m a logic monster. I always want to know why things happen the way they do.

How is it working with director Daniel Espinosa?
Daniel is a fine filmmaker. He did SNABBA CASH and it’s a really interesting film. I’m sure Hollywood is looking at Daniel as the new hot guy. He’s very passionate and very talented.

What’s been the most difficult aspect of filming on SAFE HOUSE?
I’ve got a bad knee and there’s been a lot of running, jumping and fighting. And I was water-boarded. Having somebody poor water up your nose when you’re upside down is kind of tough.

Do you see your character as a villain?
I see him as a sociopath. I’ve been researching and learned that 80% of sociopaths aren’t violent, they just want to dominate. Tobin doesn’t think he’s a villain. He thinks he’s right and everybody else is wrong.

“Safehouse” is showing on February 10, nationwide. Released and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

Ryan Reynolds in Brightest Day and Blackest Night Shines in ”Safehouse”

Ryan Reynolds in Brightest Day and Blackest Night Shines in ”Safehouse”

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect guy as Matt Weston in Safehouse, producer Scott Stuber recalls: “We had to be certain that the actor opposite Denzel would be ready. I’ve known Ryan for a long time and was sure that he would step up to that challenge. More importantly, he wanted such a challenge.

Reynolds explains his interest in joining the team: “First and foremost, I was riveted by the story. It was also an opportunity to work with Daniel, who is an unusual and unpredictable filmmaker. He is unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with, or even met before. He’s this incredibly wise, intuitive, intellectual thug. It’s a weird combination that gives him this incredible street sense. He’s a guy who could easily be in a bar fight, and at the same time, if you name any book, there’s a good chance he’s read it - among the plusses, not the least of which was working with Denzel. You know you will learn a lot working with Denzel: Spending time with him makes you a better actor.

The actor found the duality of Weston’s life - the housekeeper’s cover is that he is a health worker - compelling. He says, “I was fascinated by the fact that my character lives a complete lie. He’s lying to himself and wraps himself up in the flag. There’s a lot of hubris involved. He feels what he’s doing is righteous, and yet, there’s a dark, seedy underbelly to what he does - not the least of which is the fact that he lies to everyone he loves, and that takes its toll. He’s beaten up from this.”

Reynolds explains his character’s transformation: “Matt’s growth is debatable. In some ways, it’s almost a regression. Throughout the course of the film, he’s resorting to some of the same ways he’s previously despised. The audience’s concern as we’re watching is that Matt might be affected by Frost in the same way that Frost was swayed by whoever it was who caused him to go off book. One of the things that Frost does is reveal to Matt what this agency really is, how some of the black ops that it engages in are in the guise of a higher good. It affects Matt deeply, and he’s seeing how this could easily become him one day. Whether that’s growth or not, he’s definitely changed.”

Washington saw that growth in the man playing Weston and found Reynolds a worthy on-screen adversary. The performer compliments: “Ryan is a very good actor who works very hard, and we had good chemistry. He has an inherent innocence that I think was right for the part.”

How did you come to this film?
I read the script and loved it. Then I met with Daniel Espinosa. I had seen SNABBA CASH, which he directed, and I thought it was incredibly inventive. It was a really interesting take on the action/crime thriller and I thought Daniel would be a great match for this project. I usually gravitate first towards a character and then towards the overall story. I liked that there is this hubris associated with these guys who enter agencies like the CIA thinking that it’s some romantic journey into a love of God and country. Then once they are involved, it is actually incredibly disillusioning.

What’s your character’s relationship to Denzel’s character?
Frost (Denzel’s character) represents everything my character, Matt Weston, despises. He’s betrayed his country and his own personal code of ethics in innumerable ways. Although my character opposes everything Frost stands for, by the end of the film we’re left wondering if Matt is going that same route.
Have you had a lot of action scenes?
The fights in this movie are really long and extensive. They’re not kung fu or the typical fight scenes that you see in this sort of film. These fights are just ugly. There’s biting and head-butting. The driving is pretty intense, as well.

How have you found working with director Daniel Espinosa?
Daniel is amazing. He embodies the aspects of a great psycho-analyst that all good directors have and he is very good with actors. He sees everything. Nothing gets by him.

“Safehouse” is showing on February 10, nationwide. Released and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

Charice 'One for the Heart' Airs on GMA-7

Charice 'One for the Heart' Airs on GMA-7

International singing sensation Charice, comes home once again to celebrate Valentine's Day with her Kapuso fans thru a television special aptly entitled "Charice, One for the Heart."

The Pinoy Pride is back, and she is all grown up–her voice more breathtaking, and her stance more powerful before her audience. This time with her very own band that she takes to her international tours, Charice performs songs closest to her heart–songs that talk about her journey as an artist, and her plight as a daughter ever loving to her parents and family.

Charice also pays tribute to well-loved OPM love songs as she shares the stage with Pop Balladeer Mark Bautista, and RNB Prince Jay-R. Another must-see on the show is a tender moment where Charice sings to her father Ricky Pempengco who passed away last year.

Get to know the latest from Charice as she sings a few hits off her second international studio album Infinity, and talks about an Asian tour happening very soon.

Watch also the country’s most sought-after love teams, newly-weds, and most celebrated couples, as they share their love stories and give a prelude to each special performance by Charice.

Directed by Louie Ignacio with his team behind the acclaimed "Charice – Home for Valentine’s" (2011), the International singing sensation promises to captivate and capture hearts once again on "Charice, One for the Heart" airing this February on GMA.

A Tale as Old as Time in “Beauty and The Beast” 3D

A Tale as Old as Time in “Beauty and The Beast” 3D

One of the most popular and enduring romantic adventures the world has ever known became one of the most ambitious and entertaining animated motion pictures ever brought to the screen with Walt Disney Pictures' 30th full-length animated feature, ''Beauty and the Beast” which is coming to Philippine theaters for the first time in 3D.

This classic fairy tale about a beautiful young girl and her encounter with an enchanted beast has long fascinated and intrigued storytellers, filmmakers and their audiences. Through the artistry and imagination of the Disney creative team, an inspired song score by two Academy Award®–winning songwriters and the contributions of an enormously talented vocal ensemble, this age-old fantasy took on exciting new dimensions that are only possible through the magic of animation.

The "Beauty and the Beast" story is indeed “a tale as old as time" with variations on the central theme going as far back as Greek mythology. In 1550, Italian author Giovan Straparalo wrote the first account of the story as it is generally known. The tale grew in popularity during the 18th century with books by French authors Madam Le Prince De Beaumont and Madame Gabrielle di Villeneuve. In 1946, acclaimed French director Jean Cocteau used cinematic imagery and lyrical expression to bring this story imaginatively to the big screen ("La Belle et la Bete").

"Doing your own version of 'Beauty and the Beast' is as much a tradition as is the story itself," says producer Don Hahn. "Part of the fun is that each generation and culture adapts this story to be its own. The themes - you can't judge a book by its cover, and beauty is only skin deep – are as relevant today as ever."

Screenwriter Linda Woolverton agrees, "The lessons of this story are truly timeless, especially for kids growing up today. It tells them to look beyond the surface and beyond materialism and that what is in their hearts and souls are the things that really matter."

The release of "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D comes at a time when both the art of animation and the 3D process are enjoying their greatest popularity.

All of the filmmakers and artists who have been involved with the 3D transformation of “Beauty and the Beast” are in unanimous agreement that they take pride in being part of the great legacy of this iconic film. As stereographer Robert Neuman says, “It’s amazing to be able to take these great movies like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Lion King’ and give audiences a new way to see them again. Even if they're seeing it for the first time, or the one-hundredth time, this is a whole new experience for audiences.”

It’s a privilege, really, and an honor to be able to bring this movie out,” says Don Hahn. “‘Beauty and the Beast’ has always been special in the hearts of the audience. From the first sneak previews that we did at the New York Film Festival, when it was still unfinished, to the original release, it’s always received a really warm reception. It’s great to go back and relive it now.

Opening soon across the Philippines, “Beauty and the Beast” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” Embarks in IMAX 3D

“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” Embarks in IMAX 3D

Believe the impossible, discover the incredible as New Line Cinema's “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” embarks on an adventure of a lifetime in IMAX 3D! The film will be shown in local IMAX 3D cinemas, as well as digital 3D and regular theatres starting Thursday, February 2.

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson and Michael Caine, “Journey 2” takes moviegoers on a fun and fantastic new adventure to parts unknown, a place so remote it has lain hidden for centuries … and, when found, is almost impossible to escape.

Upon seeing the script for “Journey 2,” director Brad Peyton says, “I never imagined doing it small. Right away, I knew it had to involve land, sea and air, with creatures, caves, storms, underwater battles and aerial chases, and all of it set against the most incredible, breathtaking terrain. That meant utilizing the latest and best technology, to deliver something special in the 3D realm that the prequel ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ helped to establish.”

In 2008 that film broke ground as the first narrative feature to employ the Fusion System, a sophisticated digital 3D camera rig developed by James Cameron and cinematographer Vince Pace, and subsequently used on “Avatar.” Not surprisingly, the “Journey 2” filmmakers returned to the Cameron Pace Group for state-of-the-art strategies and equipment to capture the depth and scope Peyton wanted to achieve in a range of real-world environments.

“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” is a New Line Cinema presentation, will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Puerto Princesa Underground River Officially Named as One of the New7Wonders of Nature

Puerto Princesa Underground River Officially Named as One of the New7Wonders of Nature

The Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) in Palawan is now officially declared as one of the New7Wonders of Nature winners.

No less than New7Wonders (N7WN) President Bernard Weber came here to the Philippines to formally announce the inclusion of Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) in the New7Wonders of Nature, as reported by GMA News on Saturday, January 28, 2012.

After the announcement, Mr. Weber congratulated the Filipino people during the press conference held at the Heritage Hotel in Pasay City.

“When your very own President Aquino came out in support of the PPUR campaign, I knew that this country was taking the New7Wonders of Nature seriously,” he said.

“Fans of PPUR all over the world responded to his call for action by voting in record numbers and today’s confirmation is the well-earned reward for this extraordinary display of enthusiasm,” he added.

Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn, who also graced the event, notably used the new DOT slogan in his speech.

“This confirmation is wonderful news for Puerto Princesa, and a great example of how now its more fun to be in the Philippines. Worldwide exposure of our natural beauty on this level is critical both for tourism and for our image nationally and internationally,” he said.

Here are the New7Wonders of Nature in alphabetical order:

1. Amazon Rainforest – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
2. Halong Bay – Vietnam
3. Iguazu Falls – Argentina, Brazil
4. Jeju Island – South Korea
5. Komodo National Park – Indonesia
6. Puerto Princesa Underground River – Palawan, Philippines
7. Table Mountain – South Africa

Cinema One Originals Festival to Invade Cebu

Cinema One Originals Festival to Invade Cebu

After filmmaker Remton Siega Zuasola bagged international recognitions for his film “Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria,” it’s now the time for his fellow Cebuanos to celebrate filmmaking excellence via the Cinema One Originals Festival in Cebu City this February 11 to 16, at the SM City Cebu Cinema 8.

Among the films to be shown in the South installment of the festival are Cebuano-made “Di Ingon ‘Nato [Not Like Us],” “My Paranormal Romance,” “Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria” and “Confessional.” Mindanaoan film “Imburnal,” which is also in Visayan dialect, is in this powerful lineup.

Also featured in the filmfest are titles that recently bagged awards in the 2011 Cinema One Originals Festival such as “Ka Oryang,” “Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay,” “Mga Anino Sa Tanghaling Tapat,” “Cartas de la Soledad,” “Sa Kanto Ng Ulap at Lupa,” “Sa Ilalim ng Tulay,” and “Big Boy.”

Stars of the 7th Cinema One Originals films like the festival’s Best Actress Lilia Cuntapay, Mercedes Cabral, Franco Reyes, Phoebe Kaye Fernandez, Paul Jake Castillo, Publio Briones III, Van Roxas and others will grace this big event. Of course, award-winning filmmakers such as Sari Dalena of “Ka Oryang” and Antoinette Jadaone, together with some Cebuano filmmakers and actors will also be there.

It can be recalled that “Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria” recently took home two awards at the Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival in Indonesia such as Golden Hanoman (for best Asian feature film) and Geber (given by the Indonesian film communities). ” It also won the Special Jury prize in the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea. In the local scene, the Cebuano-made film was also a big winner in the 34th Gawad Urian—bagging the most coveted Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography (by Christian Linaban) and Best Music (by Jerrold Tarog)—and was hailed Best Picture in the Cinemanila 2010 (Southeast Asian Category).

“Brave, bold and original,” goes the description on the featured films. The talents are also a mix of flag bearers and an emerging new breed.

Catch all of the films in the Cebu leg of the Cinema One Originals festival. These movies are produced and owned by Cinema One cable channel and the Creative Programs, Inc. For more info, log on to

February 11 to 16, 2011
SM City Cebu Cinema 8

February 11, Saturday

February 12, Sunday

February 13, Monday

February 14, Tuesday

February 15, Wednesday

February 16, Thursday
12:00 PM BIG BOY

Showtime Airs Final Episode on January 28

‘Mundo Man ay Magunaw’ Premieres Monday on Kapamilya Gold

‘Mundo Man ay Magunaw’ Premieres Monday on Kapamilya Gold

Eula Valdez, Empress Schuck, Nikki Gil, and Ejay Falcon topbill newest afternoon drama series of ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN’s newest Kapamilya Gold drama series, “Mundo Man ay Magunaw” sets the bar higher for afternoon soaps this Monday, January 30, as it presents a compelling family drama featuring a formidable ensemble cast of young and seasoned actors that include Empress, Nikki Gil, Ejay Falcon, Sylvia Sanchez, Allan Paule, Pinky Amador, Jason Gainza, Dianne Medina, Alex Castro Tessie Tomas, and Eula Valdes.

According to Valdes, mothers can surely relate to the story of their new series. “I play the character of a loving mother who would sacrifice everything just to be reunited with her daughters,” she said.

Meanwhile, Empress shares her happiness over her new afternoon soap. “I’ll be playing a more mature role here. I’m a good daughter who is driven to fight for her family and who is willing to do anything to keep her mother happy. Viewers should also watch out for Ms. Eula in the soap because this time, she is not the villainess,” said Empress.

Gil, on the other hand, will give life to a power hungry character whose underlying goal is to gain the acceptance and appreciation of the people she loves. She shared, “As Jennifer La Peña, I will fight to prove that I am the rightful heir of my grandmother.

“Mundo Man ay Magunaw” shares the entwined lives of Olivia (Valdes) and her daughters Sheryl (Empress) and Jennifer (Gil). After 20 years of imprisonment, Olivia is off to restart her life and rebuild the family she never had. Brought together by circumstances, the three women will realize that no matter how big their differences and conflicts are, they still have to reunite to save each other.

Will Olivia be willing to sacrifice everything just to win the love and bring her daughters back to her arms? Will Sheryl and Jenny surpass the tests of love and ambition when they finally discover the truth?

Under the direction of Jeffrey Jeturian and Rechie Del Carmen, don’t miss the drama series dedicated for all loving mothers, “Mundo Man ay Magunaw” premieres on January 30, Monday, on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. For more updates, log on to, follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter, or ‘like their Facebook fan page

“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” Rated R-18 Without Cuts by MTRCB

“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” Rated R-18 Without Cuts by MTRCB

Pictures' critically acclaimed and Oscar-nominated thriller “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” has been approved without cuts by the Movies & Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) with an R-18 rating. This means, only audiences 18-years-old and above may be admitted when it opens in selected theaters on February 1.

“Dragon Tattoo” caused a stir when it was released in the US last December, owing to its dark themes and graphic scenes of sexual assault, violence and nudity.

Last Tuesday, the film earned five Academy Award nominations, notably for Best Actress (Rooney Mara), Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing.

Director David Fincher (“The Social Network”) uncoils the world of author Stieg Larsson’s global blockbuster thriller on the screen in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

Within the story’s labyrinth lie murder, corruption, family secrets and the inner demons of the two unexpected partners chasing the truth of a 40-year-old mystery. Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) is a financial reporter determined to restore his honor after being convicted of libel. Engaged by one of Sweden’s wealthiest industrialists, Henrik Vanger (Academy Award® nominee Christopher Plummer), to get to the bottom of the long-ago disappearance of his beloved niece, Harriet – murdered, Vanger believes, by a member of his large family – the journalist heads to a remote island on the frozen Swedish coast, unaware of what awaits him.

At the same time, Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), an unusual but ingenious investigator with Milton Security, is hired to do a background check on Blomkvist, a job that ultimately leads to her joining Mikael in his investigation of who killed Harriet Vanger. Though Lisbeth shields herself from a world that has repeatedly betrayed her, her hacking skills and single-minded focus become invaluable. While Mikael goes face-to-face with the tight-lipped Vangers, Lisbeth plies the wired shadows. They begin to trace a chain of homicides from the past into the present, forging a fragile strand of trust even as they are pulled into the most savage currents of modern crime.

Opening across the Philippines on Feb. 1, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Visit for trailers, exclusive content and free downloads. Like us at and join our fan contests.

The Twitter Trending ‘City Hunter’ on Special Marathon Airing

The Twitter Trending ‘City Hunter’ on Special Marathon Airing

Find out why ABS-CBN’s latest offering “City Hunter” became a top trending topic in the microblogging site Twitter when it debuted last Monday.

Relive the action, drama, and adventures of Johnny Lee (Lee Min Ho) and reminisce what triggered him to turn into a vengeful assassin as the biggest and most expensive Koreanovela airs its special pilot week marathon “City Hunter: The Beginning, A Marathon Special” this Sunday, January 29, 10:30 p.m. at Sunday’s Best. Even before the show premiered on ABS-CBN, the series topbilled by Asian superstar Lee Min Ho already has a strong following among Filipino.

Get hooked with the latest Koreanovela craze on primetime, “City Hunter,” airing weekday nights after “Pinoy Big Brother Unlinight” on ABS-CBN.

TV5 Introduces the New Generation of 'Valiente'

TV5 Introduces the New Generation of Valiente

TV5 opens the year with the return of the biggest and the most successful teleserye ever seen on Philippine TV – Valiente. After two decades of unparalleled viewer patronage, Valiente comes back with a grander cast, a more compelling story and impressive production that will hit the primetime scene this February.

Valiente revolves around the remarkable story of two families, Braganza and Valiente, who whose lives are intertwined in their search for truth and genuine love. Portraying the iconic roles of this historic dramaserye are the new generation of Valiente leads: Kapatid stars JC De Vera, Nadine Samonte, Nina Jose and Oyo Sotto.

JC De Vera will play the role of Gardo Valiente, a young but destitute lad who works for Hacienda Braganza and is a loyal friend to Theo Braganza (Oyo Sotto), a rich and stubborn Braganza heir who has special interests in guns. Maila Braganza (Nadine Samonte), the youngest among the Braganza brood, falls in love with Gardo but her scheming sister Leona Braganza (Nina Jose) will do anything to get in the way of Malia and Gardo’s relationship.

Joining the new generation of Valiente cast are the most-respected and highly acclaimed actors in the industry: Gina Alajar, Jaclyn Jose, Mark Gil, and the original Valiente himself, Michael De Mesa (who is already US-based but has returned to the country specifically to be part of the much-anticipated Valiente comeback).

Watch the biggest and the grandest remake of Valiente, airing soon on TV5 primetime this February.

Valiente - Teaser Trailer:

‘E-Boy’ Premieres this Monday, January 30

‘E-Boy’ Premieres this Monday, January 30

See the world through the eyes of a child and embark on a new adventure this Monday, January 30, as ABS-CBN presents its newest Primetime Bida series, “E-Boy”, starring MMFF 2011 Best Child Performer Bugoy Cariño in the title role.

Follow the heartwarming story of “E-Boy”, a child robot who was given human characteristics that led him to a journey where he will learn what being human is all about. Through his real-life experiences, he will realize that being human isn’t just about having flesh and blood, but more importantly, it is about being part of a family, building friendships, and loving unconditionally.

Joining Cariño in “E-boy” are seasoned actors Ariel Rivera, Jomari Yllana, Agot Isidro, Valerie Concepcion, Jaime Fabregas, Chinggoy Alonzo, and Pen Medina. It will also star Blythe Gorostiza, Arjo Atazde, Carme Sanchez, Akiko Solon, Bryan Santos, and child stars Maliksi Morales and Deydey Amansec.

“E-Boy” will be directed by FM Reyes and Nick Olanka, the makers of the phenomenal hit series “Lobo” and “Imortal”.

Don’t miss “E-Boy’s” premiere episode this Monday, January 30, after “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, log-on to or follow abscbndotcom on Twitter.

Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja Guests in Batibot this January 28

Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja Guests in Batibot this January 28

Internationally-renowned Filipina prima ballerina and the first non-Soviet soloist to dance with the historic Kirov Ballet, Lisa Macuja, is featured as the guest story teller in TV5’s most-favorite kids’ show Batibot at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday, January 23.

The prima ballerina also reminisced with the Batibot team about that first time 20 years ago, shortly after her homecoming from Russia, when she was featured in Batibot dancing to an original Batibot song “Umihip Tulad ng Hangin.”

This time, Lisa will narrate an original Batibot story about “Hannah Hippo” an eager ballet student and also tells her own story about growing up and learning to be a professional ballet dancer. The Batibot team is confident Lisa Macuja’s story will be an inspiration to children especially those interested in dance.

Watch out for Batibot’s “Matuto tayo Sumayaw!” episode this Saturday which is about learning to dance and working hard to achieve one’s fullest potentials – in dance and in life! This Saturday’s Batibot dance-themed episode will also feature young kids from Pasay City who are learning ballroom dancing after school and hope to achieve competitive levels.

Join Lisa Macuja and the rest of Batibot cast and characters this Saturday for another exciting episode of Batibot. The show airs weekdays at 9:30am and every Saturday at 8:30 a.m.

Boy Abunda Meets First Filipino to Qualify for 2012 London Olympics

Boy Abunda Meets First Filipino to Qualify for 2012 London Olympics

The first Filipino athlete to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics, Mark Anthony Barriga, is the featured personality this Saturday, January 28, in “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda”

Unravel Barriga’s story of courage, determination, and success as he paved his way to becoming an Olympian at the age of 18. “Boxing is my childhood dream. It has been a part of my life ever since, that is why I am happy that I now got the chance to fulfill it,” he said.

Despite the growing pressure to bring home the gold, Barriga remained optimistic. He quipped, “The pressure to do well only drives me to work harder. Our country deserves a gold medal and I’m hoping I’d be the one to give Philippines that honor.”

Get to know Barriga better as he shares his opinion about the sport he loves, his co-boxers, and his intense preparation for the 2012 London Olympics. Catch Asian TV Awards’ Best Talk Show for 2011, “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda,” this Saturday night, 11:30pm, after “Banana Split” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, log on to or follow abscbndotcom on Twitter.

The Day After 9/11 in “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

The Day After 9/11 in “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

One of the most definitive novels about 9/11 becomes one of the year’s most cathartic cinematic experiences as Warner Bros. brings to the screen “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. Directed by Stephen Daldry (“The Reader,” “The Hours”), the film has been nominated for Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards.

In 2005 the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, already renowned for his blend of incisive comedy and tragedy in his debut novel “Everything Is Illuminated,” published his follow-up “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.” His second novel was, on the one hand, the playful story of an unusually precocious and sensitive boy who invents fantastical devices, dreams about astrophysics, collects a vast assortment of random facts – and is compelled into a quixotic odyssey through the fabric of New York. At the same time, the novel was the first major literary exploration into the grief of 9/11 families, and a study of how a child’s imagination helps him navigate overwhelming fear and unfathomable loss in the wake of events that no logic could possibly reconcile.

When Stephen Daldry read the book, he was struck most of all by Oskar’s subjective point of view. An unusual child with arrestingly high intelligence yet eccentric and obsessive behaviors that might put him on the autistic spectrum, Oskar describes the world around him with his own particular mix of naiveté and insight, nervousness and boldness, incomprehension and a need to understand. Most of all, Daldry was intrigued by how this POV, just like a child’s imagination, combined random thoughts, flashes of memory, lists of ideas and impromptu fantasies with pure emotion – all at a moment when life has irrevocably changed for Oskar’s family and the world around him.

I found it truly compelling that Jonathan Safran Foer told this story not only from the perspective of a boy enduring unimaginable heartbreak, but a boy who has his own singular view of everything,” says Daldry. “It’s a perspective that is engaging, inventive and emotionally rich.”

Oskar’s very personal experience of September 11th, and what came after, was brought to the fore in a screenplay adaptation by Eric Roth, who wanted to be true to the distinctive immediacy of Foer’s novel. “It’s a very emotional book and I hope it is a very emotional movie,” says Roth. “There’s also a real kinetic energy to the book – and the challenge was to translate that into visual imagery.”

The book wove many themes – of individual and national trauma, of childhood’s strangeness, of the nature of tragedy and the endurance of love through family hardship – into its tapestry. Each of those themes was key to the storytelling, but Roth found his way in through one particular element: the relationship between Oskar and his father, Thomas (Hanks), who is seen in the film entirely through Oskar’s subjective memories, which are in turn fueled by a confusing mixture of love, loss and lingering questions.

Oskar deeply misses his father’s so-called “reconnaissance expeditions,” clever puzzles that Thomas created for Oskar to solve, not only as inspired father-son games but also to help him engage with the world despite his social awkwardness. So when he finds the mysterious key in the bottom of a vase hidden in the dark recesses of his father’s closet, Oskar propels himself into a new mission to ferret out the key’s meaning.

His only clue to the key’s potential origins is the name “Black,” written on the envelope in which he found it, so Oskar dutifully makes an ambitious plan to visit all 472 people named Black in the New York City phone books, even though, according to the math, it will take him three years to do so.

Like many kids with gifted intelligence, high sensory sensitivity and impaired social skills, Oskar thrives on schedules, rules and facts yet his search takes him far from the predictable and the comfortable. But no matter what obstacles stand in his way, Oskar is determined to complete his task.

Oskar is a kid who is different, but in a wonderful way,” notes Roth. “He might have a form of Asperger’s but he also has a great imagination and a real sense of curiosity along with his many fears. For a long time, he was kept afloat very much by his father who enjoyed so many similar things. So now, when Oskar finds his father’s key a year after his death, he believes it has to unlock something – a piece of advice, an object, some wisdom that his father left for him. And it leads him on an adventure that is his way of coming to terms with grief and all sorts of other things.”

As Roth began compacting Foer’s wide-ranging plot and finding the cinematic structure, he found Foer to be a supportive resource. “Jonathan is a wonderful novelist but my ability is to be a good dramatist and bring the work alive on the screen. He really trusted me in that process and we developed a very close and collaborative relationship.”

Adds Stephen Daldry: “Jonathan really understands the difference between a book and a script, and was very helpful. He never once uttered the phrase, ‘Well, in the book…’ He was always open to interpretation and reinvention.”

Opening soon across the Philippines, “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

World’s Darkest Hero Rides Again in ‘Ghost Rider’ Sequel

World’s Darkest Hero Rides Again in ‘Ghost Rider’ Sequel

He fought the curse. Now, a new evil will make Johnny Blaze embrace his power.

This February, the world’s darkest hero rides again in Warner Bros.’ supernatural action-thriller “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.”

Starring Nicolas Cage, the film is directed by Neveldine/Taylor – also known as Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor – who have earned a cult following with their stylish and edgy films, including “Crank” and “Gamer.”

Neveldine explains that the directors were excited to approach their new film for two major reasons. “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to direct a franchise film with Nicolas Cage, and, second, to work with this really cool, edgy, comic book series – I mean, this dude has a flaming skull and kicks major ass,” says Neveldine. “I think the studio wanted to do something edgier with this franchise, so our attitude and style of filmmaking fit perfectly with the tone they were hoping to see. We were all on the same page.”

With a free hand to give the film that edgy tone, the directors could let their imaginations run wild. “The only thing we knew we wanted to keep from the first film was Nick Cage. We wanted to change everything else – the way he looks, the way he dresses, the bike. We wanted souls to be burned and dragged to hell. And lucky for us, the studio said, ‘That’s great; that’s what we were hoping you’d say.’ And that became the start of our process. What we were really going for is a mood, a feeling, an aesthetic – to make him badass.”

That process continued all the way through production, as Neveldine and Taylor employ a kinetic style both in front of and behind the camera, as Cage explains. “The energy of making this film was a different experience,” says the actor. “It’s a much more wild, almost daredevil experience – even the way Mark Neveldine shoots. He’s like a stuntman, risking his life hundreds of times, hanging off of wires or shooting while skating on Rollerblades – he’s a very active, macho filmmaker. Fans are going to be blown away by the photography and Mark, Brian and (Director of Photography) Brandon Trost’s daredevil camerawork.”

Describing their intense set experience, Neveldine says, “At the end of the day, we have to get the performance and the shots, and we’ll get them any way we can. You’ll see us hanging off of cars and shooting on Rollerblades to push the cinematic envelope.”

Where other directors might choose to create the Ghost Rider’s world inside a computer, Neveldine/Taylor capture as much as they can practically. “We use real stunt guys and real motorcycle action – though we did set the guy’s head on fire in the computer afterwards,” says Taylor. “We think it makes for a better, more visceral experience for the viewer if they’re seeing something real.

Editor Brian Berdan, who worked with the directors on Crank, says, “They are so creative; it’s all hand-held and intuitive and not totally planned out. That liveliness of a hand-held camera and someone with the sense of what to do with it makes it all really come to life. It can be a challenge to edit, because you get a ton of footage – some of which makes you initially think, ‘I can’t do anything with this,’ and then the camera will come in at just the right point and you grab exactly what you need!

It’s a style that Cage relishes. “They have this gonzo energy, this wild intensity – they’re both really up for anything. I think I fit into that, too.”

We were excited for our tone and dark humor to leak into the project,” says Neveldine. “At the same time, it was important to keep it grounded and hard-hitting.

Opening across the Philippines on February 16, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine January - February 2012 Cover

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine January - February 2012 Cover

KC Concepcion proves she has what it takes to be a woman - elegant, classy, sophisticated and SEXY! And so she flaunt it!

Yes! The mega-daughter is the sexy cover star of Rogue Magazine January - February 2012 issue.

Rogue Magazine out now at your favorite magazine stands and selected bookstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Spy Against Spy in “This Means War”

Spy Against Spy in “This Means War”

A certified ensemble of hit filmmakers takes the romantic-action genre a notch higher in “This Means War” starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy where best friends CIA agents and best friends discover that they are dating the same woman which ultimately affects both their professional and personal lives.

Filmmakers director McG whose worldwide hits include “Charlie’s Angels,” “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” and “Terminator Salvation,” screen scribe Simon Kinberg who penned the incredibly thrilling films “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “”X-Men: The Last Stand,” “Jumper” and “Sherlock Holmes,” and Will Smith as the film’s producer lock forces to create another unprecedented romantic-action-comedy movie in “This Means War.”

In “This Means War,” Reese Witherspoon plays Lauren, a very decisive woman, but in her romantic life she's just a disaster. The man she moved from Atlanta with ended up leaving her, shattering her heart and crushing her spirits. Having been unable to date, her best friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) finally decides to help her to enter the dating world again.

Lauren meets Tuck (Tom Hardy), on a dating website and they have an awkward first date that ends up going really well; then she ends up meeting Chris Pine's character, FDR, in a video store. They're both excited about their new relationships, and there's this great reveal where they show each other a picture of their girl, and it's the same girl bringing up all that territorial male dominance stuff.

Director McG shares on working with his three stars – Reese: “It's never an easy sell to get anybody involved in a movie. Reese is very accomplished, both as an actress - she won an Academy Award - but also as a comedienne. She won the Academy Award for her turn in “Walk The Line” and she's very funny in the Legally Blonde movies. She can do a great many things. The one thing she hadn’t done was be a screen siren and I wanted her to bring that energy to the role. I thought Reese had a certain confidence in me, largely because of what I was able to do with the girls in Charlie's Angels. There was never anything misogynistic or mean spirited in that movie but it was decidedly sexy, with all of the women being very intelligent and powerful. I think everybody knows that Reese is an intelligent, powerful, capable woman. Now let's show the world exactly how sultry she can be when she chooses to be.”

Chris Pine was very entertaining and engaging in Star Trek; he was great in Smokin’ Aces; but it was primarily his turn in the Lieutenant of Inishmore, which is a Martin McDonagh play that played here in Los Angeles that I saw two or three times. He was astounding; his accent was spot on, his physicality, his commitment to the role - he’s infinitely more talented than people could ever imagine, and more clever and considerate. Plus he's different to Tom Hardy, which is what I was looking for: two alpha males who are always interested in finishing first, but who do so in an entirely different way,” director McG says of Pine.

On Tom Hardy: “Tom, and of course he's known for Bronson and his character in Warrior and now he's doing Mad Max. He is so physical and powerful and intense... but he's also got a brilliant mind. Just from speaking to him that he's very kinetic, very clever, that his mind is moving at a thousand miles an hour. There's the broad level the film plays on, but also the more subversive level for those who care to look more closely. I think people need to understand his dimensionalized ability and performance range. He was very game and he's great - I can't imagine anyone other than Tom and Chris for these roles,” concludes the director on working with Reese, Chris and Tom.

Reese, on the other hand sums the director’s works as joyful – “He's wonderful: he's enthusiastic, he's decisive, he knows his shots, he knows what he wants, he knows how to create great action sequences, and he's also hysterically funny– he comes up with witty lines off the top of his head. It was great to work with somebody who's so excited to make a movie instead of hand-wringing and miserable. And it comes out in his movies - they're joyful.

“This Means War” opens February 22 in theaters from 20th Century Fox.

Dane Dehaan: Teen Superpower Gone Amok in ‘Chronicle’

Dane Dehaan: Teen Superpower Gone Amok in ‘Chronicle’

Three ordinary teenagers suddenly become powerful after a night in the woods upon close encounter with an unidentified underground phenomenon in “Chronicle.”

“Chronicle” is as real as it gets introducing the audience to Andrew (Dane Dehaan), Matt (Alex Russell) and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) – recognizable teens, each with a distinctive personality and each facing relatable challenges that come with being in high school, forming new friendships, and exploring new facets of their ever-changing lives. They’re imperfect, awkward, and a little reckless.

Their discovery leads them to acquire powerful telekinetic abilities; in graphic novel parlance, they have superpowers. They’re now capable of, well, almost anything. They can move objects just by thinking about them, crush cars through force of will. They learn to fly…the ultimate wish fulfillment. Then things get dark.

One of these teens could be you or could be amongst those close to us or our acquaintances. Dane Dehaan unleashes a powerful creeping performance as one of the lead stars in “Chronicle” and explains further his character, Andrew.

Q: Can you tell us about your character?
Dane Dehaan: Andrew is a poor kid who comes from a rough family background. His mom is really sick and his dad is on disability from being a firefighter so for him, things are really tough. But his circumstances extend to other areas of his life as well. He is, by all means, a loser in school and not just a kid who goes under the radar, but the kind of kid that people really go out of their way to make fun of and bully. In that way he’s a victim.

Q: Do you think he struggles with the responsibility of the power?
James: Yes, but it’s not a case of “How responsible am I going to be with this power?” I think he just really enjoys having power, messing around and finally having friends. It does, in the end, overtake him.

Q: Is it more fun to play a character that is conflicted?
James: It’s always fun to play a complicated character, definitely. It’s not always fun to go to dark places, but it’s always fun to play a character who has such an extreme arc, who goes through so much. I don’t think I’ve ever played a character like him.

Q: How was the dynamic with the other actors?
James: It’s good. I always try to form some sort of relationship with the people I work with that mimics the relationship I have with them in the movie. I think we did a pretty good job of that. Michael, Alex and I have all become pretty close and friendly; we all have our inside jokes and we can poke fun at each other. We can hang out and have a good time. Doing that in our personal lives away from work has definitely had a positive influence on the movie.

Q: It’s a strange mix of a big action movie with the sensibilities of a character piece. James: Yes, I think the movie does an incredibly good job of taking the concept, somebody getting superpowers, and dealing with that in a very realistic way. If a group of teens in real life actually got superpowers they would mess around with it, see how much fun they could have with it and eventually it would probably all spin out of control because they’ve been given way too much power. I think the reality of it is what truly drew me in.

Q: What’s it been like working with your director, Josh Trank, in his first film?
James: It was my first time working with a first time director. There is definitely an excitement and energy that goes along with that. I think that one of the cool things about the project is that we’re all around the same age in real life. All of us are still beginning our careers in many ways. Even though all of the actors have done other movies and TV shows we still have a youthful, “go get ‘em,” attitude. Josh matches that. In many ways he’s much more of a peer than any other director. He’s going through it for the first time, like us. There’s definitely an excitement to that.

Q: There’s a really interesting shooting style to the film, with the characters filming all of the scenes – how has that been to work with?
James: It’s great. It’s another reason why the film is so inventive. It’s found a way to do this kind of handheld stuff but used the reality of the circumstances to make it less dizzying and less gritty. It’s really interesting how every camera movement in the movie is really motivated and grounded in reality, as much as the plot and the characters and all the other elements.

Intense till the end, “Chronicle” opens February 2 in theaters (108) nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Channing Tatum Must Win His Wife Rachel McAdams Back in ‘The Vow’

Channing Tatum Must Win His Wife Rachel McAdams Back in ‘The Vow’

One of Hollywood’s most sought after young actors who have established themselves among the next generation of leading men, Channing Tatum (“G.I. Joe,” “Dear John”) now stars opposite Rachel McAdams in Columbia Pictures’ inspiring romantic drama “The Vow.”

In the film, newlyweds Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) were struck by tragedy shortly after their marriage. A car crash puts Paige in a coma, where she is cared for by her devoted husband. When she comes to, without any memory of her husband or their marriage, the husband must woo her and ultimately win her heart once again.

Tatum is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, and felt the script told an authentic story about a once in a lifetime love and what people will do to hold on to that. “Falling in love is the easy part!” notes Tatum. “Getting on with your life together and making sure you stay in touch and connected because life can get in the way sometimes, that’s the tough part. I think that a huge part of Leo and Paige’s journey is based on the fact that not only do they make each other intensely happy and support each other, but that they pushed each other to grow and when you do that it really does take you to the next level in a relationship and in life.”

The actor admits that he found the role emotionally difficult at times because, as a young husband himself, he couldn’t help but imagine himself in this situation: “I hope I would be as brave as Leo is; it’s heartbreaking for him, but he has the faith to let Paige find her own way. And this role is great because Leo is so truthful about his love, he doesn’t hold it back, and I can relate to that. I love love! It’s harder to play than running around with guns and being physical, but it’s very satisfying.”

Tatum says it made total sense to him to work so hard to win Paige back: “If my wife (actress Jenna Dewan) lost her memory of me, I wouldn’t just be like ‘Okay, alright, well, see you later, good luck’. No. I’d be fighting tooth and nail and plug away at this until it comes back. No matter what.”

He continues: “It’s so frustrating for Leo because there’s nothing visibly wrong with his wife; she talks like Paige, she walks like Paige, everything is exactly the same, but it’s just her memory of her husband is completely gone. And it’s that much more painful that she remembered other people, her family, but just not her husband and everything they had been together.”

For director Michael Sucsy, casting Tatum was a case of finding the soldier of love in an established movie warrior. “The Leo role is a knight in shining armor, and prior to this I’d only seen Channing’s work where he’d been in tough, military roles. So I went to meet him, and we sat down, and I called the producers afterward and I said, ‘He is the guy. He’s Leo. It’s perfect for him.’ I got the sense that his heart was bigger than his chest cavity. He’s got a huge heart, Channing does, and so does Leo, and that really comes out when he has to keep sticking with his wife through the ups and downs.”

From Rachel McAdams’ point of view, “Channing Tatum is the perfect guy for this role because he’s a real renaissance man; chivalrous and gentlemanly. He’s playing someone who would do anything to win back his wife’s heart and that’s very much, I think, who Channing is. He’s a very heroic kind of guy, so yeah, and I know he loves love and really believes in it and I think he made Leo a really stoic character that you just fall in love with and believe that he’s definitely the rock in the relationship throughout. He added such lovely little touches to Leo.”

All in all, Channing Tatum sums up the core of the movie’s message this way: “It’s a big deal to vow yourself for life to somebody and mean it. It really is something.

Tatum will next star in a contemporary motion picture adaptation of “21 Jump Street” opposite Jonah Hill. Tatum and Hill are also executive producers on the project, which is directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

Opening across the Philippines on February 10, “The Vow” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.