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Building Bridges & Memories: Blackberry Connects

Building Bridges & Memories: Blackberry Connects

BlackBerry® love just keeps growing on Filipinos. People from all walks of life – professional athletes, rock stars, DJs, entrepreneurs, and models – have found themselves becoming avid users of BlackBerry smartphones. Whether they use it for Facebook® or Twitter™, sending e-mails for work or exchanging BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger) messages with friends and family from around the world, the love for BlackBerry seems to grow exponentially. What’s so great about BlackBerry? It is many different things to different people.

1. BlackBerry is the perfect smartphone for multi-taskers.

"My BlackBerry is always with me. It’s hard to imagine functioning properly without it. With work, I'm constantly sending emails, text messages and phone calls, and with BlackBerry, it’s simple and easy to do all those things quick and fast. Everything I need is on my BlackBerry. Plus, it looks real good!" - Paul Soriano (@paulsoriano1017), Film, TV, and Commercial Director

My BlackBerry’s effectively my personal secretary as I need to juggle six jobs with ease, whenever, wherever; from answering several emails on a whim, updating my website or tweeting pictures from the recent launch of my book, ‘Face To Face: The Healing Power of Make-Up’, and helping me organize my daily tasks with the calendar, which is the most vital for me. I take pride in being self-reliant and my BlackBerry smartphone has certainly helped me become just that with much sanity and yes, even much fun.” - Bianca Valerio (@Bianca_Valerio), Model, Endorser & Entrepreneur, TV/Live Host, Published Author, Make-Up Artist, Columnist, and Personality Development Coach

"My BlackBerry has not only changed my life, it has also added a whole lot of spice to it. Being a host, producer, entrepreneur, friend, brother, and son, I basically try to divide my time and attention executing different things at the same time. In my personal life, BBM makes connecting with my friends and family both in the Philippines and abroad a whole lot easier. It even allows me to share photos, voice notes, and so much more in only a matter of seconds. For work, it saves me a lot of time. Since I usually produce ‘Boys Night Out’, along with my co-hosts Tony Toni and Slick Rick, the multi-person chat makes our brainstorming sessions much more interesting as we are connected 24/7. I bought my very first BlackBerry four years ago. Up to now, I still can’t think of any gadget out there that perfectly synergizes my personal, social, and business lives." - Sam Gogna (@sam_yg), Radio DJ, Entrepreneur, and TV Host

2. BlackBerry connects people – anywhere and anytime!

"Being a BlackBerry user for about five years now, BBM has allowed me to interact with family and friends overseas in a manageable and timely manner. Being a new father, my family in the States stays updated with my son's growth and progress.

I got started with BlackBerry in college. At that time it was known as a ‘corporate phone’ and everyone was using other brands. My switch to BlackBerry was an attempt to be different. Five years later, a lot of my college friends have followed suit and are now members of ‘Team BlackBerry’. We regularly keep in touch through BBM.” - Gabe Norwood (@GNorwood5), Small Forward/Shooting Guard of the PBA’s Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

"I depend on my BlackBerry for a lot of things. With BBM, I keep in touch with loved ones and business contacts no matter where they are and no matter where I am in the world. International chat has never been this accessible and affordable. I also use BBM Groups a lot as it makes planning so much easier and fun. Social media apps help me update my fans effortlessly and keep me connected to them 24/7. My BlackBerry has been an indispensable companion for the longest time now. It rocks! In fact, during a recent European vacation, I made up my itinerary on the fly with BlackBerry Travel. I used it to book flights and hotels, rent cars, convert currency, get weather and flight status updates, search restaurants, and find out more about the nightlife and shopping of the city I was currently in. I also used Maps to guide me and not be taken advantage of by cab drivers.” - Rico Blanco (@ricoblanco), Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Designer, and Actor

"I can't live without my BlackBerry. It keeps me connected to my family and friends all over the world. Most especially to the fans who support me and my team. BlackBerry is one of a kind and is a must-have gadget." - Asi Taulava (@mrlava_lava5), Center of the PBA’s Meralco Bolts

3. The BlackBerry experience is unlike any other.

"I love my BlackBerry just because it’s so easy to use. Backing up and restoring data is never a pain. I love how it keeps me constantly in touch with my family and friends via BBM. My Twitter experience on my BlackBerry was one of the many reasons why I decided to make the switch. Tweeting just isn't the same without it." - Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez (@mikaelamartinez), Model, VP of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP), Mother, Trader, Talent Management Agency & Magazine Owner, and Entrepreneur

"I was never much of a techie nor did I ever make it a point to use the newest technology as soon as it came out. After using my first BlackBerry phone, I was officially addicted. First, the feel and weight of a BlackBerry is flawless, I hate phones that are too light to notice or those that are too bulky, the BlackBerry is right there in the sweet middle. Secondly, being in my line of work, I usually receive a wide array of text messages, e-mails and phone calls, which would usually be confusing to handle on one phone, but with my BlackBerry I can manage through all my different communication avenues seamlessly. Lastly, I love my BlackBerry because it's a brand of style and the phone of our generation." - Solenn Heussaff (@solennheussaff), Actress, Model, and Singer

"I’ve been using my BlackBerry for two years now and honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about it. I really love using it and I will always be a very loyal BlackBerry user. After using BlackBerry, ‘di na ako pwede bumalik sa ibang phone because nothing compares to its capabilities. I tried switching to a different phone but I found myself back in the arms of my trusty BlackBerry smartphone, and it felt like home. Trust me, once you use BlackBerry, you’ll never go back to what you were using before.” - Chito Miranda (@chitomirandajr), Lead singer and songwriter of Parokya Ni Edgar

After reading and hearing nothing but rave reviews and Jedi-like advice from my girlfriend and managers, I decided to give BlackBerry a try. Seeing Ari Gold of ‘Entourage’ use BlackBerry on the show was another cool reason to switch. Since then, using BlackBerry is the only logical choice in my life right now. It's compact, never hangs, and has infinite access to the Internet, no matter how many sites I open simultaneously, which allows me to monitor and update my social networks effectively and also download stuff I need for work like scripts, music sheets, demos, etc. Besides that, it's got all the multimedia functions I need--camera, video camera, and a sound recorder--so that meaningful events, misadventures, and moments of musical inspiration will never be forgotten. All in all, ever since I got myself a BlackBerry, I cannot imagine my life without it." - Marc Abaya (@MarcAbaya), Lead singer and songwriter of Kjwan, and Actor

Get yourself a BlackBerry smartphone for the new year from your carrier or authorized distributors to avail of a 24-month warranty. To find out more about BlackBerry smartphones, check out or follow the official BlackBerry Facebook fan page for Philippines at or the official Twitter account @BlackBerryPH.