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Chinese New Year Predictions - Year of the Water Dragon

Chinese New Year Predictions - Year of the Water Dragon

People were judging 2012 long before the year even started. With the alleged Mayan Calendar and the-end-of-the-world conspiracy theories pre-empting what could possibly be a good year for humanity, who can blame them. But in response to such a restless world people still hope by trying to understand the stars. For guidance we prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon taking place on January 23 with some astrological forecasts and cosmic advice by international geomancer Joseph Chau Kam Shing:

Feng Shui particulars:

* 2012 may not be the most auspicious year for the Dragon, Dog, Ox, Goat and Rabbit. However to bring more luck they can resort to wearing the year’s lucky colors: gold, silver, white, sky blue, green, red, pink, violet, peach, orange, beige, yellow and brown.

* All signs should avoid wearing pure black or pure white as those colors refer to the dead. Zodiac signs that should avoid burials are the Yin Fire Ox, Yin Earth Goat, Metal Ox, Earth Dragon, Golden Dog and Fire Dog.

* To attract more wealth, homes should have the following charms (available at Feng Shui stores): Treasure Bowl, Vivacious Prince of Wealth and a Flying Golden Pei Yau.

* To have luck in your career, display a Jade Dragonhead Fish charm in your place of work.

* To be safe at all times, carry a Safety Medallion or a Jade Master Protection Pendant.

* For health protection, wear a Health Medallion at all times.

* To be lucky in romance and relationships, display the Romance Bucket, Brass Happy Couple and Mandarin Duck charms.

* In order to improve overall luck, carry the Benefactor Jade.

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