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HK Delayed Flight, What a F@&*!

I am sitting infront of Ed's PC in our own little nest. For those who knows where I should be exactly now will wonder, "What is Jeng's doing in Makati now? He is supposed to be in Hong Kong at this time." Well, that is because Cebu Pacific is once again overbooked with 100+ passengers. You believe that? What a f*%#!

So I am here, killing time. Waiting for my deferred flight at 1640H today, with some of the 30+ passengers bound to HK who fell in line for almost 2 hours this early morning only to find out that the next available flight would be later at 4pm.

What consolation did i get in return for this mess? A free 2-way ticket, with 1 year validity, at any Cebu Pacific destination (international and domestic) of my choice, and a free meal. Not bad, right?

So, welcome 2008 summer. Welcome Phuket Thailand.