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We (Ed and I) are here. Yes. In Hong Kong. Cebu Pacific Flight # 5J 118 approached HK International Airport at exactly 715pm. 35 minutes lates. But who cares. At least we're here safe and sound.

I thought I start loving the place. It is 11 degrees here now. So freezin cold. We are billeted at Evergreen Hotel along Jordan Road in Kowloon. I must say this is a good 3 star hotel. The receptionist are nice...looking and there's a free internet access in the room hotel and free internet cafe inside the hotel where I am doing this blog thing.

Later, we will start browsing the place and food outside the hotel. Daming tiangge and daming food which i believe deserves my 10 hong kong dollars.


Anonymous at: February 14, 2008 at 8:36 AM said...

Hi Ed, So how are you enjoying the cold whether? hehehIf you havent done so. Catch the star ferry boat ride over to HK (cost $5 hkd) and walk up to the Victoria Peak train station and catch the train up the highest point in HK. Theres food, shopping and heaps of places to take a beautiful picture. Other wise, catch the train (MTR) to Ngong Ping (Tung Chung station) cost $15.50 pp by train, walk out of the station and follow the signs to catch the cable car up the mountain. The cable cost is $98 hkd pp return (dont buy the $150 package, its not worth it). Once you are up Ngong Ping eating is quite cheap. Try the hot noodle shop store next to Starbucks. Eat Tofu and sugar for desert on your way to the big budda, just spot the young guy with the big wooded bucket on the side of the footpath.If you want to shop, go to Mongkok ladies market, its very good for shopping. There is heaps of people in Mongkok so be careful ok.At night if you want a good night out and want to have a romantic drink. Go to Nathan Hotel (Nathan road)where the corner star bucks is close by your hotel, take the lift to level 15 and have a drink at the bali bar.Lang kai foong in HK island is good as well, most western ppl go there.Anyway, I'm in KL now. We be home on Friday morning.Enjoy your trip dear. Email me if you need anything.If you can get online when you reach China, email me and I tell you where to go. - Marian R.

Anonymous at: February 14, 2008 at 4:28 PM said...

hi frend..hows hongkong.. anyways ingat ka dyan. hey can u buy me a bracelet yung suot ko dati parang katulad ng binigay ko sayo nung bday mo pero sa akin yung tigers-eye kulay brown yun hndi ko kasi pwede bilhin yun kailangan kasi binibigay yun eh..bayaran kita dito sa manila ok..iba pa ang pasalubong ko ha..dnt forget ok..take care..have a nice u frend..