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"Mara Clara Reaction: How Mara Clara affects my sister :))" Video Reaches Half a Million Views on Youtube

A video of a very young girl who is an avid "Mara Clara" viewer is now getting viral on the internet.

The young girl's over-acting reaction when "Mara" (played by Kathryn Bernardo) died on the hit ABS-CBN Teleserye as shown on its episode last Friday, March 4, that was caught on video and was posted on Youtube hours after watching that heartbreaking episode already hits 511,698 views.

Watch "Mara Clara Reaction: How Mara Clara affects my sister :)) funny video here:

Poor girl. She really believes Mara died, just like other viewers who were affected by that scene. What it was quite obvious (si Mara kaya ang bida so imposibleng mamatay sya) that it was Lenita (Jamilla Obispo) who got burnt and died.

It just goes to show how effective 'Mara Clara' is, even if that explosion scene and the protagonist appeared to have died have been used many times already as plot line in previous ABS-CBN soaps such as 'Mula Sa Puso' and most recently in 'Alyna' and 'Kristine'.

Well, let' expect the little girl to get featured in the news this week.