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Ramon Jimenez Jr. is the New Tourism Secretary

Acting Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. underscored this after he took his oath to take over the helm of the Department of Tourism (DoT) Thursday in MalacaƱang.

Its ultimate goal is not merely to improve statistics in tourist arrivals but to generate profitable income and employment for our people,” Jimenez said.

MalacaƱang said Jimenez’s appointment is expected to further expand the country’s potential as a global tourism hub.

Jimenez replaced Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim, whose resignation took effect on August 31.

We are confident that with his expertise, Secretary Jimenez will be able to build on the success of our tourism sector and expand the markets of this country’s tourism hubs,” Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) Secretary Ricky Carandang said in a press briefing Thursday.

The President, together with the entire Executive branch of government, welcomes Secretary Jimenez to his official family and looks forward to the growth of his industry and to the improved global profile of many of our country’s tourist destinations,” he said.

Jimenez took his oath of office before Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr.

According to the new Tourism chief, he will carry on the programs started by former Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim.

My fervent wish is that I will keep a lot of what I will find. The momentum is very important in this marketing game,” Jimenez said.

He said that President Aquino’s marching orders to him was to make the tourism industry beneficial to the people.

To build the entire industry to generate income and employment,” he said. “In fact, job number one is to galvanize the DoT staff into honest to goodness selling unit.”

Asked how he would be able to lure more tourists to the Philippines, Jimenez said that it would be through a “competitive campaign based on a proposition which offers people real value for their time and their money.”

Jimenez admitted that he had his apprehensions in taking the job but said his family is very supportive and his focus after accepting the job is “to do well.”

That I will be subject to removal in the future – that’s not my problem, that’s the President’s problem, that’s his decision, he’s going to agonize over that,” he said.

Carandang said Jimenez will be acting DoT secretary pending confirmation from the Commission on Appointments (CA).

Jimenez is the founder and chief executive officer of advertising agency JimenezBasic.

Before his appointment, he was Joint Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant at WOO Consultants and has also worked as a Journalism and Marketing Communications instructor in some of the country’s most renowned universities.