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Joseph Carlo Candare, a UP Student Guilty of Animal Cruelty for Killing Cat

21-year-old UP BS Applied Physics student Joseph Carlo Candare was ordered by the Metropolitan trial court to take care of maltreated or abandoned pets as punishment for killing a cat.

Candare was also asked to pay a P2,000 fine and sentenced to 2 months' volunteer work for killing a cat inside the University of the Philippines campus and then bragging about it on his blog.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society who filed the charges was able to get a screenshot of Candare’s online diary where wrote about killing a cat named Teteng in his Multiply blog "My Perfect Symmetry." Read below:

Candare is the first person to be convicted of animal cruelty in the Philippines. Atty. Roy Kayaban Jr., PAWS spokesman, said the Candare case should serve as a lesson to deter Filipinos from being cruel to animals.

Candare's father, meanwhile, asked media to spare his son. He said the entire family suffered depression and even Joseph Carlo was subjected to threats and failed several subjects after the ordeal.