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The Day I was Born....30 Years After

Successful. Happy. Inlove -->> 3 words that best describe me 30 years after my mom's ob-gyne cut his bloated tummy and carefully pull a little-heaven sent-angel called Jose Manuel.

I'm successful. A fruit of hard labor and dedication.

Happy. I am gifted with a family that truly loves - unconditionally. A family that forgives. A family that truly accept whoever I decided to be. I love you guys!
I am one guy who are truly blessed with a lot (I lost count already) of friends......ok, very goodlooking true friends. And my friend's family who are now part of my system. Who contributed to where I am now. And my friend's friends who always made me feel I belong. Here are some (in random order) :
1. My Sisters: Alexis, Yaya Vicky, Jenny, Cecille, Alfred, Melissa, & their families
2. My Bee: Irene. Send my regards to my inaanak Ianna and to the loving LL.
3. My Best Buddies: Nap & Osang, Rhaine & Chard, Yeng, Ice, Meng, Dar, Screech & Shepoy, Kris, Iryn, Alvin, Eli, Geoff, Mabel & Joey, Chie, Joan, Shari, Aura, Intian, Malen & Zaldy
4. My Best Buddies v.2: AR, Nina, Toni, JM, Jenwin, Les, Hanh, Lance, Macqui, TJ, A, Joey, Cy, Shiela, & Eric
5. My Father Figure: Cesar Inumerable. Daddy you're the best!
6. My Inaanak: Rex & Dyeng, Anthony & Junie
7. My Loving Kumares: Vangie, Julie, Lanie, Jen, Roxanne, Melyz, Jane & their families
8. My Kumpares: Marlo, Aris, King, & their families
9. My mentor: Mamu Lissa, Ms. Meo, Ms. Yohlie, Elllen Martinez
10. My Infocom Family: Sir Egay, thanks!, sgj, ldy, mpm, all Infocom Managers, Sups, TLs, HR, Finance guys, Trainors, QAs, agents, IT, MIS, WF, Manong Guards, & Utility guys
11. My PLDT Family - you guys made my stay worthwhile. No words can express my sincerest gratitude. c",)
12. My loving Bayantel Family. You guys know who you are. Mahal ko Kayong Lahat.
13. My friends who became my ex's & my ex's who became my friends
14. To my ever loving Talisic and Tampoc Family. You guys made me feel I'm part of the family. Mahal na Mahal ko Kayo. Salamat.
15. To all who touches/d my life and me to them in return, in one way or another, I would like to thank you for the blessing.
16. And above all, The Almighty God, for giving me what He thinks I needed enough to live my life well and healthy. Maraming Salamat Po, Ama.

And Yes, I am so much Inlove. This is it! I finally found someone...someone who shares my life -> Mr. ETR, I will never fail to love you. You are the only thing in myself that makes sense right now. ILOVEU SO SO MUCH.

Today, I will celebrate my 30th birthday. And what's instore for me this day? No one knows. For now, one thing's for sure, I am heading to some exciting fun-filled action. c",) c",) c",)


{ Night Owl } at: January 16, 2008 at 8:18 PM said...

If someone sits beside u and tells u "I Love You", get a martilyo and pukpok the head! Then pakisabi lang naman sa kanya na may Ed ka na 2 love and care for you so much.