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Thailand Flood Photos

Thailand Flood Photos

A man paddles his boat through flooded suburbs of Bangkok on October 25, 2011. Thailand announced a five-day holiday on Tuesday to give people the chance to escape floods closing in on Bangkok as authorities ordered the immediate evacuation of a housing estate on the outskirts of the city after a protection wall gave way.
Source: REUTERS / Damir Sagoli

People are evacuated on a truck from a flooded area in Bangkok on October 23, 2011. Thailand's government scrambled to protect the capital on Saturday and defend two industrial zones from flooding as water levels crept higher and hundreds of riverside residents prepared to leave their homes.
Source: REUTERS / Sukree Sukplang

Buddhist monks use a makeshift raft to move past a sign warning about floods in Bangkok's suburbs on October 24, 2011.
Source: REUTERS / Stringer

A man wades through a flooded temple in Don Muang district in Bangkok on October 27, 2011. Thailand's prime minister said Bangkok was fighting the forces of nature on Thursday as floodwater threatened to break through dikes protecting the capital and residents took to the road after the government told them to leave if they could.
Source: REUTERS / Sukree Sukplang

A mahout stands on an elephant in a flooded area of Thailand's Ayutthaya province on October 13, 2011.
Source: REUTERS / Sukree Sukplang

A boy, evacuated from area affected by floods, plays with a balloon at the collective shelter at the Don Mueang airport in Bangkok on October 23, 2011.
Source: REUTERS / Damir Sagolj

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