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22 Touching, Heart-Melting Photos (Includes a Boy and His Dog in Manila, Philippines)

Sometimes, it’s the moments that make us cry which matters the most – moments in our lives that we would forever treasure. Thankfully, there are ways for us to capture them, and that is through the lenses our of cameras. The following images are powerful snapshots taken from around the world that might crush your souls.

Here are 22 photos that will surely melt your heart and move you to tears:

1. Brian ODriscoll - Irish rugby player, Brian ODriscoll, shared his winning trophy with his number one fan.

Brian ODriscoll

2. This cancer patient - This cancer patient drew her wish on the mirror.

Cancer Patient

3. Christian Golczynski - 8-year-old Christian Golczynski’s father, Sgt. Marc Golczynski, died in Iraq and he accepted the flag in honor of him.

Christian Golczynski

4. This husband - This man walked with this signboard to save the life of his wife.

For His Wife

5. Hawkeye - Hawkeye is a dog who never left the side of his Navy SEAL master, even in his wake.


6. Lucas Hembree and Juno - Lucas Hembree and Juno (his service dog) shared a hug.

Lucas Hembree and Juno

7. Luka - 12-year-old Luka, which has a disorder called muscular dystrophy was pictured (as if normally playing basketball) by photographer Matej Peljhan.


8. This woman - This woman always brings her husband’s picture everywhere – even when she’s having lunch.

Lunch With Her Husband

9. Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor - Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor fed a little kitten.

Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor

10. Meghan Vogel and Arden McMath - Meghan Vogel carried her competitor Arden McMath through the finish line when she collapsed during the race.

Meghan Vogel and Arden McMath

11. This dog owner - This dog owner cradled his old canine friend into the water.

Dog owner

12. This earthquake survivor - This earthquake survivor found his treasured photo album still intact after the catastrophe.

Earthquake Survivor

13. Specialist Dean Oldt - Specialist Dean Oldt of the 101st Airborne got reunited with his father.

Specialist Dean Oldt

14. Taylor and Danielle Morris - This picture of Taylor and Danielle Morris tells their captivating love story.

Taylor and Danielle Morris

15. These teachers in India - These teachers in India are educating the homeless children.

Teachers in India

16. This man and his girlfriend - This man is teaching her girlfriend how to read the alphabet after she lost her memory.

This man and his girlfriend

17. This bride to be - This is girl received the most precious gift from her fiance – a surprise marriage proposal.

The Surprise Proposal

18. This soldier and his baby - This soldier saw and held his baby for the first time.

The Soldier and His Baby

19. This Bahraini anti-government protester - This Bahraini anti-government protester was engulfed in flames after a shot fired by riot police hit the gasoline bomb in his hand that he was preparing to throw.

Bahraini Anti-Government Protester

20. This boy and his dog - This boy was pictured carrying his dog through floodwaters caused by monsoon rain in Manila, Philippines.

Boy and His Dog

21. This man cradling his wife - This man was cradling his wife who was killed in a stampede at a train station while celebrating Hindu religious festival, Kumbh Mela.

Man Cradling His Wife

22. Tammy Holmes and her grandchildren - Tammy Holmes took hold of her grandchildren as they take refuge under a jetty while the wildfire raged the Australian town of Dunalley.

Tammy Holmes and Her Grandchildren

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Source: trixie0826