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#Flirting101: Paano Nga Ba Lumandi With Dignity?

1. When makikipagchat, do not tell stories about herself too. He does not care about the dead nail you. Ask anything about him to prolong the conversation.

2. For the first double-dead zombie when there emoticons in the chat you. Unlike the former, "you musta day" to "you musta day? ;) " 

3. When "uy!" He, gratitude, do you answer the "uy!" Also. The boring part you're talking Yun.

4. Praise him. Yung never raised his hand maghahaleluyah done before him. Icompliment can see all the actions relative to his appearance and he looks for the right Operating only. And some point, he would be more comfortable You.

5. Restrict pagmemention him on twitter especially if not very important. Read difficult interactions. You do not ikabubuntis that.

6. Iaadd Do not let him simultaneously with Wechat, Line, Viber, BBM and Kakaotalk. Obvious obvious the "Art of stalking" you. He just iadd he often used. 

7. Yung If you nilike picture, do the magcomment the "<3 11.="" especially="" font="" he="" if="" instagram="" is="" just="" likers="" maximum="" only="">You notice he nun. 

8. Avoid magcomment of "Why you so cute? <3 font="">Just ask his mother because she also dun know the answer. Brutally harsh pandededma just takes you.

9. When he gave her the number, prevent self itxt he immediately immediately. Take 1 day for intense soul-searching for yet a little mysterious effect.

10. Sure to update you on the tweets and FB status for him in case he madepress, friend attack immediately!! Yan Yung umepal dynamic portal for his life.

11. Avoid tititigan and hold his picture while chatting. Might "eat me" the maitype you rather "eat you" Learn curb hormones. Compressing first panty.

12. Hover humor. No matter how beautiful / kagwapo, if you turn a boring outlets not talking malalandi the people want.

Source:  israelmekaniko